Chronicles of Ara

By Joel Eisenberg & Steve Hillard

Chronicles of Ara: A New Fantasy Series

Excerpted From: An Open Letter to the Media, November 6th, 2014

“We have identified the catalyst of human inspiration. You are not supposed to know this. Nor this: Its essence is corrupted.

What then, of our creators?

The most perceptive – and most obsessive – among them have long understood that their influence could be dangerous, a sort of privileged comprehension that the end of the world may well converge upon the inspiration that fires them and the imagination that enables them …read more

A Review Of The Chronicles of Ara: Creation

The Chronicles of Ara: Creation is sincerely unlike any novel I’ve ever read. Ambitious in scope, thought-provoking, inventive and action-packed, this is the beginning of a bold new epic. Think Donna Tartt by way of Frank Herbert. Eisenberg and Hillard have crafted the beginnings of a masterful saga, an astonishing tale of myth and creation that hits the reader on a primal level and never lets go. This is exciting, addicting stuff, folks. You’re not going to know what hit you. I’m counting down to May of 2015 for the next one.

– Gilbert Adler
Producer, “Superman Returns”, “Valkyrie”, “Constantine”